Welcome Courtney Manwell!

Our dealerships are growing and with our new growth we are extremely pleased to introduce Courtney Manwell. We have known Courtney from the Viper Club events over the years and have the pleasure of announcing that Courtney will begin working with our team March 23, 2015. Courtney will be working with us on several tiers, from our social media, performance and sales. She comes to us with a great personality and eagerness to work with a brand that she is not only passionate with, but her entire family are ambassadors for the Viper brand. We look forward to her passion and to work with a brand that has an extremely catered group of enthusiasts and followers. As an enthusiast this is the first step to work in a field that you can honestly say has the best group of people in the world and are all extremely passionate about their cars. Courtney has both the drive and passion and has accepted a position with our team.  

Courtney recalls her earliest memories either being in the garage, or on the back of a horse. Her father was always restoring a car or fixing a bike, and she would be hot on his heels with a wrench, ready to help. He instilled at a very young age that you can create almost anything with your own two hands, and to "Keep your fingers off the paint!" Courtney has competitively ridden horses since the age of 5, and to date has won multiple World Championships on her jumping horse, as well as many other accolades in the sport. She also enjoys riding motocross, street bikes, and karting. 

Her passion for Vipers and exotics began to develop early on, as family friend Ken Wells purchased a Viper in 1993. It would also be Ken who was instrumental in establishing Courtney's road racing addiction. When she was 16, he tossed her the keys to his 2006 VOI Edition Viper at a local track day, and in less than one lap, she was hooked. Courtney's father, Scott Manwell, bought his first Viper in 2008 and their family now enjoys track days, local as well as national club events, and modifying their 3 Vipers. Courtney references the members as one of her favorite parts of the Viper community, "the camaraderie in this group is absolutely unparalleled. I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to join the ViperExchange team, and to continue to build relationships with current and future Viperholics."  

Please help us welcome Courtney to our team! 

Contact Courtney at cmanwell@viperexchange.com.