Welcome Andrew Wheeler!

Our dealerships are growing and with our new growth we are extremely pleased to introduce another ViperExchange Team Member, Andy Wheeler. We have known Andy from the Houston Viper Club over the years and have worked with Andy on many different Viper Events, We now have the pleasure of announcing that Andy has joined our team. Andy is the Performance Manager of ViperExchange. We are excited to welcome Andy on board as we expand our growth in the Performance Market. With our new State of the Art Facility soon to be completed Andy will make a welcome addition to the ViperExchange Team.

Andy’s focus will be to create a new Service and Performance Experience, Andy’s eagerness to work with a brand that he is not only passionate but like most of us lives and breathes Viper when not with family. . We look forward to Andy’s passion and experience with the local and National level.

Andy’s path to Viper ownership was a little different than what you would normally expect in the Viper community. Andy began his professional career as a concert saxophonist with the “World’s Finest”, United States Navy Band Washington D.C. , where he served with the Presidential Support Unit from 1999-2009. Wheeler performed for six Presidents, 1,300 full honors funerals at Arlington Cemetery, was a multi-label recording artist, and performed on 10 National concert tours. Prior to his engagement with the Navy Band he was a two time National Chamber Music Champion and a two time Texas High School State Champion.

Always having a passion for cars, Andy began wrenching, racing, and modifying LS platforms in his early twenties before moving on to Corvettes and eventually Vipers. Andy has spent the last 7 years road racing, drag racing, roll racing, and auto crossing generations 1, 3, 4 and 5 Vipers. Andy currently serves as the Houston Viper Clubs Treasurer and is the Organizer of the Texas Viper Roundup held each spring in Conroe Texas. He is a nationally published automotive photographer with work featured in Viper, Corvette, and Corvette Enthusiast Magazines.

When not enjoying his Vipers, Andy and his Wife Terri are new parents to 2 year old daughters Brooklyn and six month old Charlotte who are both growing up “Viper” right alongside Dad. “Joining the Viper Exchange team is a dream job for any Viper fanatic and I look forward to helping the team as it continues to grow and thrive.

Please help us welcome Andrew to our team!

Contact Andrew at awheeler@viperexchange.com.