ViperExchange Exclusive Performance Products for Gen V Vipers

ViperExchange in conjunction with our race program announces new and long awaited products for the Gen V Vipers. Several of our packages will be sold through ViperExchange. For more information please stay tuned for release dates. Congratulations to all of our driver's, team and crew, Riley Technologies, TI Automotive for the win at The Rolex 24 Hour Race.

Off Road Race Controllers $1,100.00, Dyno for Controllers, ViperExchange Heads and Cam Packages. The supercharger package will not be available until 2016. The Stage II package is also still under development but will be released in 2015.

Heads And Cam Horsepower 

Release Date To Be Announced

Estimated 733 BHP

Stage I - Venom Controller - $1,100 (Now Available)

  • Custom Calibration for VENOM 2 controller
  • ARH headers and high flow exhaust
  • Fixed Cam with Increased Lift & Duration
  • Increased Performance Cylinder Heads

Stage II – Fixed Camshaft / Cylinder Head (Available in Later 2015)

  • Package developed in conjunction with Viper Exchange. Package will be available through ViperExchange Soon.
  • Increased Intake Valve Size
  • Performance Valve Springs
  • Performance Lifters
  • Performance Pushrods
  • This package is still under development, but will be released in 2015!

Stage III - Sledgehammer (Available 2016)

  • Sledgehammer” (Supercharger Pictured Below)
  • Available as a Package Only Thru ViperExchange
  • Output estimated 900 BHP @ 6 psi boost Available 2016
  • VENOM 2 controller
  • ARH headers and high flow exhaust
  • Twin Screw 4.3L Supercharger
  • High Flow Fuel System
  • Modified Front Cover for FEAD
  • Front Pulleys and idler system
  • Modified Cross Car Beam
  • LTR and pump system
  • This package will be available in 2016.