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About ViperExchange - Dodge Viper Dealer

Watch this amazing video about the record setting Dodge Vipers we sent to Nurburgring!


What is ViperExchange.com?

ViperExchange began as the dream of two car dealers who fell in love with everything the Dodge Viper had to offer. Because of their dream, Viper fans everywhere are able to benefit from one centralized location for all of their Vipers needs and wants.

ViperExchange began as a boutique shop located inside Tomball Dodge in Tomball, Texas. ViperExchange is the dealership for both new and used Vipers. This location is an emporium for speed and modification equipment as well as a gleaming service center. When visiting this location be sure to check out the second floor “Viper Vault”.

viperexchange store front dealership

Around the time the Gen IV Viper was unveiled to the world, Ben Keating and Bernie Katz decided to develop the ViperExchange.com website to service their customers needs worldwide.

In 2009 ViperExchange was responsible for ordering more New Dodge Vipers than any other dealership in the world; while in 2010 Bernie and Ben were proud to boast that ViperExchange officially housed the world's largest selection of Vipers for sale. So far in 2011, ViperExchange is responsible for one out of every three new Dodge Vipers sold.

With perhaps the largest Viper inventory in the world, ViperExchange is currently the top-selling Viper dealership in the nation. Currently their inventory includes between 25 and 35 Vipers that have never been titled. The company has now grown to encompass two large warehouses where all of the Vipers are kept safe from the harsh elements. Rest assured that the entire ViperExchange staff has become indoctrinated with everything and anything having to do with Vipers. The parts department inventories the most Viper parts, the technicians are the most experienced, and the body shop is known for its impressive and amazing custom Viper paint jobs. If your needs are a bit more intense, our full race shop is available to handle them. No job is too big or too small.

Viper Exchange works with partners such as Viper Days/NARRA (North American Road Racing Association), BJ Motors, Viper Parts of America and the Viper Club of America. ViperExchange.com is the central location of four different Dodge dealerships that serve the Viper nation, and it is the premier resource for all of your Viper needs.


Ben Keating

Ben Keating started out in the car business at the tender age of 11, helping around his father’s Ford dealership in Tomball, Texas. He now owns that dealership along with six others in Texas, four of which are Dodge dealerships.

Ben has always been impressed with the Dodge brand, his heart truly belonged to the Vipers. Its that love of this sleek and powerful vehicle that led him to a race track where he began racing a GTS in the Viper Racing League. In 2011, Ben Keating was a Viper Club of America points leader. Back in 2010 he won the exclusive VCA raffle for the opportunity to meet Bob Lutz and receive the Bob Lutz GT-2 car. He soon after purchased the Ralph Gilles’ Original VooDoo Viper SRT10 ACR.


ben keating and bob lutz 2010

As his contacts in the Viper community grew, Ben began doing quite a bit of business with Bernie Katz and BJ Motors. Both had a passion for the Viper that few could rival, and both understood what it took to get these American exotics in the hands of consumers.

To add to Ben Keating’s amazing accomplishments, on Saturday October 1st, 2011, Ben completed his very first American Le Mans Series' Petit Le Mans event. A race considered to be “one of the world's premier sportscar endurance races."

Read more about the race in the October 4th edition of the North American Road Racing Association Press Release. Ben tells us his thoughts about the race, who he enjoyed racing with, and what position he placed.

Bernie Katz

Bernie Katz, of BJ Motors, has made quite a name for himself by selling exotic cars in Virginia and surrounding areas, with a special emphasis on Dodge Vipers.

It was in 1997 when Bernie took his passion to the track, racing in the Viper Racing League for the first time. However it wasn’t until 2006 when Ben began racing that the two forged a true partnership, as well as friendship. Both accomplished drivers, each has established themselves as the ones to beat when it comes to Viper Racing.

bernie katz viper exchange

With the access to four different Dodge dealerships, it was very easy for Bernie and Ben to provide a large selection of cars to the ViperExchange cliental. It was then decided that it would be more logical to provide customers with a single place to go for all of their Dodge Viper needs, thus ViperExchange.com was created.


Ben Keating, 2009



bernie katz 91 dodge viper cup dvc racer


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