These race-proven Performance Modifications are available through Viper Exchange

Suspension modifications
-  Lowers the car 9/16ths of an inch AND improves ride quality.

 GT3-R type differential
- Get rid of the wiggle under heavy braking and the push under heavy cornering.

 Big Brake package
-  I need to get the best description.

Dynamic Suspension Control
- DSC is quite simply the ability to take the existing suspension, that would normally have two settings touring or soft or sport firm, to a totally different level with active chassis management.   This is not reactive chassis management.  Rather than taking the reactive forces or the resultant (i.e. ride height sensors or g force), DSC has built an algorithm of steering rate of change brake pressure rate of change plus g force rate of change.   We have built 3-dimension tables over time that make it possible to be truly active.  Most engineers think of the chassis as an individual component made up of suspension parts and tires, but we at look at the big picture the human element, or as I refer to the load bearing portion of all of our tables.  Conversely most engineers provide load to their models or tables via wheel travel that puts the in the reactive mode!!!!!

The ViperExchange to be the exclusive seller of DSC for the Dodge Viper what a natural with the Viper Exchanges proven commitment to motorsports its more than a natural collaboration.