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Vehicle Consignment in Tomball TX

If you are looking to sell your high-performance vehicle Viper Exchange can help with our consignment program. Over the years, Viper Exchange has grown into a national presence in the exotic and high-performance automobile world. Our inventory and selection of vehicles attracts attention from not only the Tomball, TX area, but from all over the US and countries spanning the entire globe.

The Viper Exchange roots started with a passion for the Dodge Viper, but as time went on we have branched out to become an authority in the exotic and rare-vehicle market. The presence we have built in the high-performance community attracts thousands of visitors per day to our website and dealership because shoppers know that when they turn to Viper Exchange, they are working with trusted professionals that understand the product and the unique market for these vehicles. Our commitment to quality and the brand that Viper Exchange has built not only helps us continue to be a global leader in Dodge Viper and exotic vehicle sales, but it also opens up new doors for you to have a great opportunity to sell your vehicle with a world-class organization.

Consign your car at Viper Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Vehicle Consignment?

Vehicle consignment in Tomball, TX is a sales agreement between you and Viper Exchange where we become the active agent in the sale of your vehicle. Often times, selling a rare vehicle is a difficult task to do on your own and the average buyer in this market looks to specific channels to purchase. Because Viper Exchange is a trusted name in exotic and high-performance vehicles, our dealership provides one of the greatest opportunities for you to get the best price and attention for your vehicle quickly.

Do I Have to Send My Vehicle to Viper Exchange?

No. Having your vehicle at our location is not required for vehicle consignment in Tomball, TX. However, this option is free of charge and it is more likely that your vehicle will sell faster. Having your vehicle on our lot allows our professional sales staff provide a better description for your vehicle and lets us market it in the most effective way, which saves you time and hassle. Keeping your vehicle with us also gives it the opportunity to be seen in person by everyone that walks through our showroom.

What information about my car do I need to provide?

Viper Exchange requires the following information in order to post your vehicle consignment listing:

  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Asking Price
  • Location of the Vehicle
  • Vehicle VIN Number
  • Seller Contact Info: Name, Address, Phone Number and Email

How Long Will My Vehicle Be Listed with Viper Exchange

All listings are posted for a period of six months. Once your vehicle is sold, it will be removed to make room for new inventory. If your vehicle is not being held in our showroom, you are obligated to inform Viper Exchange when your vehicle is sold. Please keep us informed as to the status of your listing during the six month term, that way our site can continue to be accurate for our visitors. We encourage the use of our free vehicle pickup in order to retain it at our facility until sold.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our professionals today and we would be happy to help!

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